Yoo Seung Ho Shocks Fans With His New Bleached Hair, Does It Suit Him?


Actor Yoo Seung Ho recent photos have become a trending topic!

Last night, Yoo Seung Ho and the rest of the “Memorist” cast attended the after-party to celebrate the wrap up of the series. “Memorist” aired its last episode on Thursday last night.

Photos from the wrap-up party circulated online and fans were shocked to see that Yoo Seung Ho had bleached his hair. Fans have been expressing their opinions on his drastic new hairstyle, many stating how he’s always been handsome and how it looks good on him, others think he resemble idols with his hair bleached like that.

But this is quite the surprise, mainly because actors, unlike idols, rarely bleach their hair unless it’s for a role and many of them don’t usually bleach their hair as frequently as idols, so fans have been wondering what could be the reason behind Yoo Seung Ho’s new bleached hair.

Yoo Seung Ho currently has no new projects lined-up, stay tuned for possible explanation on why he colored his hair like that.

Check out the photos:


What do you think of this new hair color?

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