The subject of BLACKPINK Members’ treatment by their own label has been discussed by fans and media many many times already, fans often get into heated discussions about who they believe isn’t being treated properly versus who’s getting better treatment.

A sheet schedule of BLACKPINK Members activities from 2016 to 2020 has taken the internet by storm. The sheet lists every BLACKPINK member solo activity including endorsements, variety show appearances, overseas schedules, and more throughout the past five years.

When fans took a look at the list they noticed that among the four members, Rosé has the least amount of overall schedules since her debut. Many fans have been discussing how Rosé gets treated by her label despite being a well-rounded singer that has an amazing voice. IU, AKMU and many other top acts had previously talked about wanting to work with her but nothing ever came out.

This is not mentioning the promised solo release for Rosé. Previously, Yang Hyun Suk stated that all BLACKPINK members will release solo songs starting with Jennie. Rosé was announced as the next member to get her solo. Jennie released her solo in late 2018 and fans haven’t heard anything about Rosé’s solo yet.é.jpg

In related news, YG recently confirmed that BLACKPINK is coming back with a new album in June.

What do you think of the viral sheet schedule? Who do you think is the worst treated member of BLACKPINK?


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