This Rising Rookie Idol Looks So Much Like Red Velvet Irene That Fans Are Calling Him Her Little Brother


VERIVERY Kangmin’s visuals are becoming a trending topic among netizens!

A community post that has been getting a lot of attention compares the visuals of VERIVERY Kangmin and Red Velvet Irene. Netizens noted how the rookie 2003-born idol looks a lot like Irene’s little brother.

They both have beautiful round eyes and similar facial structure, netizens left comments such as,

“wow, they even have similar vibes…”

“I would totally believe it if they said he’s her younger brother”

“This is crazy I thought he was Irene with short hair

“Their eyes are so similar”

and more.

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Check out more pictures of Kangmin below, do you agree with netizens? Do you think they look alike?


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