This Park Bo Gum Lookalike Is Getting So Much Hate Online He’s Threatening Strict Legal Action, But Why Is He Getting Hate?

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This high schooler has become famous for looking like actor Park Bo Gum but he’s gotten so much hate for it that he’s threatening to take strict action against all who post malicious comments.

Kim Min Seo has a striking resemblance to actor Park Bo Gum, if you take a look at his instagram profile you might be fooled into thinking this is actually Park Bo Gum’s.

In a recent appearance on an online show, Kim Min Seo says he never personally claimed he looked like Park Bo Gum but others kept telling him that he did and this brought him so much hate for the most puzzling reasons.

In real life, he doesn’t look like him a lot but from certain angles, you can definitely see a resemblance. He began getting hate comments online telling him he’s ugly and a scam and was even assaulted on the streets; he was hit by someone on the back of his head as a result.

He also explained that he takes photos from that certain angle because he’s self-conscious of his teeth. The young man dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but after his appearance on the show, the hate became so severe he announced he will be taking legal action against malicious commenters.

To his Instagram story, he posted,

“Stop ridiculing me~~ I wasn’t in a good condition the day before, my face was swollen, and everything was crazy.

I am going to sue all the malicious comments.”

What do you think of the hate he’s been getting?

By Hilda Moore

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    1. i am glad to know there is someone who also think that this is totally unfair
      i mean generally people get compliments for looking similar to a celebrity

  1. Sue me. I’m in America, sweetie. Try it. You can’t ride PBG’s wave, love. You’re just so you’re own person. You’re fine as you are. Why even ride another’s wave unless you have no talent other than your looks or you’re mental.

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