What “The King: Eternal Monarch” Production Team Said About Lee Min Ho Will Make You Appreciate His Hard Work Even More

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“The King: Eternal Monarch” Production Team has nothing but praise for its lead, Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho’s first post-military comeback project is “The King: Eternal Monarch,” and he has been working very hard on his role to perfect the character he plays of Lee Gon.

Lee Min Ho has been showing his growth in “The King: Eternal Monarch” through the evolution of his character, he’s paying close attention to the details to help the viewers become more immersed in Lee Gon’s story. He’s getting praise for his use of expressions and voice for his character.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” Production Team stated that Lee Min Ho is constantly looking over his script and monitoring the scenes to make sure his character emotions is understood by viewers.

He is said to be putting a lot of effort to control his vocal tone, breathing, movements and more and is constantly communicating with the director and his fellow actors.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” staff also said that he’s an actor with ‘amazing passion and concentration at every moment,’ and as the drama progresses, they’re always amazed by his ability to capture and express very emotion in depth.

Have you been keeping up with “The King: Eternal Monarch”? What do you think of Lee Min Ho’s performance thus far?

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  1. Thanks for the article. In my opinion Lee Min Ho’s performances have always shown how conscientious and hard-working a person he’s inclined to be preparing for his work, whether that be films, videos, ads, music, or interviews, whatever. He tries hard also to please his audiences as much as possible. That is obvious in his cooperation doing things asked of him by interviewers, fans, directors, etc. I am not sure what causes him to feel inadequate in any way unless it is something he reads or hears of from haters [who have to lie & fabricate things to criticize in order to have something negative to say about him or his activities, etc.] His acting has always been unique and impressive, plus, gets better & better. I am not one who is impressed with a person’s beauty or riches & fame. I have to see substance to admire in the person’s character & personality & mannerisms. After all, this day in age there are scores & scores of people who are aesthetic on the surface but not much worth praising in depth. However, LMH is definitely an especially awesome looking young man whose modeling blesses every camera ever focused on his impressively symmetric & regal appearance. I find it so appropriate that his come-back TV drama crowned him a “King”. He has certainly progressed from the guy who was once known as #1 Pretty Boy because he is such a beautiful guy on the surface, but even more so regarding his inner-being … heart. If only all kings were as adorable as LMH in The King: Eternal Monarch. There’s so much good to be said about him so, I find it bewildering how anybody with a sensible mind can criticize him, other than for being a “smoker” of cigarettes, which, for his sake & for the sake of others who observe & imitate him, I hope & pray he will be able to quit smoking in the near future. Sir, take care of your teeth, which smoking tends to destroy. Oh how scrumptiously sweet His smiles are! What a delight and they can lift the mood of many people who cross paths with him, and, of course, his adoring fans around the globe. I don’t care for the evil character in the story of The King … as blood & guts gore are not my thing, but a lot of folks do go for that. I’m not criticizing their taste. However, it is unfortunate that there are people who would complain that there is not enough action, in their opinion. Others complain that there is too much romanticism & humor. Still others complain that the drama does not accurately depict history & settings of that time … which I’m wondering why “a fantasy” would be required to do that. The point is, I understand, but the people who work so hard on that drama to portray what the writer intended, take such criticisms to heart– and become hurt & confused. Can we not simply accept it for what it is? Are we not actually happy that it has so many talented actors and that it is Lee Min Ho’s come back film? And most folks very much liked the writer’s story of the goblin “Guardian: the Lonely and Great God” proving she is a very good writer. So, we have a lot to appreciate about the story & the drama. Why waste the joy and cause for celebration? Be happy everybody! There’s enough doom & gloom affecting people. Take advantage of this occasion to be joyful & Smile! Be safe & Keep positive.! Love you Lee Min Ho.

  2. He is superb in his portrayal in “The King”. The series is very good, ‘it keep me glued infront of the TV and always excited in the next episode. Congratulations.

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