SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Accidentally Cursed During Livestream, Netizens Have The Most Unexpected Reaction

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan had the most hilarious face after he found out he swore in front of fans during a livestream.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan recently appeared on Vlive and whilst playing a game of Maple Story, he swore, he said, “we’re/they’re fucked.”

Immediately after he swore, he apologized to fans. The video has since been deleted from Vlive. Idols rarely swear on broadcast or off-stage so this caught people by surprise.

His accidental swearing was welcomed by some who found it cute and kinda funny; many netizens said they’re joining the fandom after seeing that clip. People are joking about how Jeonghan brought male fans into the fandom with this incident.

While he did receive backlash, the majority of netizens’ reactions are in favor of Jeonghan. Many are defending him saying it’s not a big deal and everyone swears. Not to mention, Jeonghan apologized on the spot.

We’re glad that he’s not getting backlash for such a trivial thing.