PLEDIS Says SEVENTEEN Mingyu Is Deeply Reflecting On His Actions For Visiting Itaewon Club During The Outbreak

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Following Big Hit statement confirming that Jungkook indeed visited Itaewon with his friends, PLEDIS Entertainment followed with a statement also confirming that SEVENTEEN Mingyu had also been with Jungkook.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu is said to be deeply reflecting on his actions according to his label.

PLEDIS Entertainment stated in an official statement on May 18 the following:

“First of all, we sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people about the reports of MINGYU’s visit to Itaewon, an artist from Pledis.

Mingyu is deeply reflecting on his misbehavior for failing to abide by social norms during the government’s social distancing.”

They explained that Mingyu showed no signs of an infection but still took the test and it came out negative, he also self-isolated and practiced all measures to ensure he wasn’t harming anyone.

They closed their statement with:

“We sincerely apologize for causing concern and worry to the fans who show affection and interest, and to prevent this from happening in the future, we will pay special attention to our artists and raise awareness about personal hygiene rules and social distancing and practice norms.

Once again, we bow down and sincerely apologize.”

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