Previously, it was reported that a famous girl group member had visited a gay club in Itaewon class; it’s the same gay club that a COVID-19 patient had visited and the one that became the cause behind the surge in the cases of the virus infection in Seoul.

Prior to that, South Korea only had one-digit cases for several days. At the time, the idol was under heavy fire for visiting a club and ignoring social distancing measures despite the current situation. Netizens finally learned of the name and they’re not pleased.

On May 11, it was reported that Park Gyuri was the female idol who visited the club on the same day as the initial confirmed patient, an informant stated that she danced without a mask on.

After her agency checked with her, they admitted that she did visit the club; her agency stated that unlike reports, she did wear a mask at the time of entry to the time of departure and had visited the screening center before receiving a call from the district office.

She has been examined and tested negative but is currently in self-isolation.

Park Gyuri also released an apology herself as well, she stated,

“Hello, this is Park Gyuri.

Regardless of all the reasons, I would like to deeply reflect and apologize for not following the guidelines that everyone should follow during the period of social distance.

I wore a mask from the moment I entered and kept it on until I left. On the same day the article about the confirmed case came out, I immediately went out and got examined and tested negative. I am currently self-isolation. Once again, I apologize.”

Park Gyuri debuted in 2007 as the leader of KARA. She’s currently working as an actress after her group disbanded.

Park Gyuri is under heavy fire for her actions and is being heavily criticized following the news.

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