More Details About Actor Park Ji Hoon’s Tragic Death Revealed, Struggled With Stomach Cancer For A While


Actor Park Ji Hoon has tragically passed away on May 11, his family confirmed via his social media account on the morning of May 15.

The sudden tragic news took fans by surprise, it was revealed he had passed away due to stomach cancer, he was only 32.

News outlet OSEN has spoken to an acquaintance of Park Ji Hoon who shed more light on the tragic announcement, the acquaintance shared their regret saying, “he was a talented friend.”

The acquaintance revealed that they had recently gone to visit Park Ji Hoon at the hospital,

“I heard about Park Ji Hoon. I recently went to visit him and met him, but the situation seemed to be bad. It’s a pity.”

Park Ji Hoon’s side had also told OSEN that had been battling stomach cancer since last year. The actor was praised for his talent and interest in fashion by his acquaintances; he was also ‘a good man with a kind heart.’

Park Ji Hoon had stopped uploaded to his Instagram since September of 2019, fans weren’t aware of his condition or the fact that he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

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May his soul rest in peace.


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