Lee Min Jung, Lee Joo Yeon, Hyomin, Kim Hee Jung And More Exposed For Attending Party While Ignoring Social Distancing Measures, Agencies Issue Apology And Clarify


Another set of celebrities have been exposed for attending a party during the ongoing pandemic.

On May 20, an initial report by Sports Kyunghyang claimed that Lee Min Jung, former After School member Lee Joo Yeon, T-Ara’s Hyomin, retired rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae, and Kim Hee Jung attended a birthday party near Itaewon for a famous fashion figure in the industry on May 9.

Soon, photos of the celebrities attending the party spread online and netizens could notice that no one was wearing a mask and no one was practicing social distancing measures.

South Korea has seen a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases after a patient with the virus visited clubs in the neighborhood of Itaewon in Seoul and netizens didn’t react well to celebrities attending a party near the infected area after the government issued a warning to practice better social distancing measures.

An alpaca was also present at the scene; people raised concerns over animal abuse since alpacas are known to become stressed in crowded and loud environments.

After the report became trending news, one after one, the celebrities issued statement clarifying and apologizing.

Lee Min Jung’s agency ESteem Entertainment denied that the party happened in Itaewon and clarified that she attended the party in a café in the neighborhood of Cheongdam, she dropped the present, took a couple of photos and left soon after.

The label heavily denied that she had participated in the party and apologized to the entire nation for not practicing social distancing, they also added that Lee Min Jung has avoided visiting crowded places or attending events due to the situation but had only done this because the fashion figure was a friend.

Hyomin and Kim Hee Jung’s company Sublime Artist Agency also released a statement clarifying that they attended an acquaintance’s birthday party that was held at a cafe in the neighborhood of Cheongdam, they stated that both of them have acted rashly and are currently reflecting on their actions.

Lee Joo Yeon’s agency Mystic Story also released a statement similar to the others, her label clarifies it was not in Itaewon and that ‘Lee Joo Yeon is reflecting on her actions,’ and will be careful not to cause a similar situation in the future.

Son Yeon Jae also made a similar statement clarifying that she went there to congratulate an acquaintance, the label clarified that she only removed her mask to take a photo quickly and that she was wearing a mask at all times. They also added that Son Yeon Jae left the location approximately 30 minutes after congratulating the acquaintance.

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