Lee Jin Hyuk Releases Lengthy Apology After Getting Backlash Over Attitude Issues Addressing The Kim Seul Gi Situation


Lee Jin Hyuk has released an apology to fans for his recent live stream.

Previously, we reported that Lee Jin Hyuk fans became upset after Kim Seul Gi said to him “see you later, honey/darling” during live stream acting like their characters in their drama (they play a couple).

He joined a live broadcast on instagram with Kim Seul Gi and Moon Ga Young to interact a couple of days ago, after fans saw Kim Seul Gi’s comment they began arguing in the comments, later Lee Jin Hyuk addressed the situation in another instagram live stream.

However, his attitude during the livestream plus his comments came under fire, he explained that Kim Seul Gi had apologized to him for the misunderstanding, he added, “I was going to let it slide,” his comment was not well-received by netizens who called him an idol with ‘celebrity disease.’

But that wasn’t the only thing that Lee Jin Hyuk said in that livestream that got him backlash, Lee Jin Hyuk kept acting as if it was Kim Seul Gi’s fault entirely going over the situation over and over again during the live stream, he also commented things like ‘what will you guys do if I take on a lead role,’ and ‘I came to scold you because you’re all fighting,’ netizens also complained that he seemed arrogant on the livestream.

On May 13, he issued a written letter apology to his instagram. In the lengthy letter, he apologizes for ‘causing concern because of my inadequate words and actions.’ He added that he is repenting and apologized to Kim Seul Gi,

“I sincerely apologize to Kim Seul Gi who might’ve been hurt by my inconsiderate words and actions.”

He wrapped up his apology with a thank you note to the PD and the production team who worked on “Find Me in Your Memory.”

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I wanna say it might be because he’s young, but Lee Jin Hyuk is born in 1996, so he’s not exactly a child or a teenager for such a slip up during the livestream. I saw it and he seemed so annoyed, it wasn’t even a big deal.

The entire situation was overblown and his livestream made it way worse than it actually was, his comments about Kim Seul Gi and attitude during the livestream appeared to me as if he was so upset that such a slip up happened on her part, its not a big deal, its not that deep and it will not ruin your career. Easy.

I don’t understand his overreaction but I sincerely hope he means his apology and will work harder. I have never seen a rookie idol-actor speak like this about his sunbae in the industry on a broadcast and this will follow him for a while.

I wasn’t that surprised when I saw big Korean news outlets reporters criticize his manners during the livestream. I hope he learns from it and moves on.


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