Kim Soo Hyun Talks About Difficult Childhood And Burden Of Responsibility In New Intriguing “Psycho But It’s Okay” Teaser

tvN has blessed fans with a new video teaser of the highly anticipated drama “Psycho But It’s Okay.”

On May 29, “Psycho But It’s Okay” released a new longer video teaser that goes into more details about the characters struggles. The video is narrated by Kim Soo Hyun’s character, he says,

“I thought I was running away because of you hyung… I thought this was all your fault… but, then it occurred to me, this was not the reason I wanted to run away, Because if love makes you feel like you’re going to die, it’s easier to run away.”

The highly anticipated drama “Psycho But It’s Okay” will air after the conclusion of “When My Love Blooms.” It will air its first episode on June 20.

Check out the teaser below, are you excited about the upcoming drama?

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