T.O.P has excited fans with his recent Instagram update!

On May 27 (KST), T.O.P posted a video of himself rapping inside a studio, the video has no sound and he hid his face using an emoji mask but fans could tell that it was him from his hands gestures and body.

The update got fans excited about a possible BIGBANG comeback. T.O.P hasn’t returned to activities ever since his military discharge last year, fans are looking forward to his next project.

BIGBANG was originally supposed to make their grand return to the stage with their Coachella performance but following the pandemic, the festival was put on hold. Many reports also began emerging about BIGBANG’s comeback getting delayed to the second half of 2020 due to COVID-19 situation.


Fans are eagerly waiting to hear from the group after all of its members have been discharged from the military.

Are you excited about a possible BIGBANG comeback in the near future?


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