Han So Hee Shockingly Refreshing Answer To The Backlash She Received For Past ‘Controversial’ Photos

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Rising actress Han So Hee has finally addressed the hate and backlash she received for her past photos.

Previously, past photos of Han So Hee resurfaced following the success of “’The World of the Married.” the photos feature her smoking, she also had tattoos in her arms, tattoos are considered a taboo topic in South Korea.

She received backlash for her past lifestyle and at last the actress opened up about the hate she’d gotten for it and her answer is shockingly refreshing.

On May 25, Han So Hee sat down for an interview following the wrap up of her hit drama. She answered a question about how she felt with her past photos getting released like that, when asked if she was taken aback by them, she calmly responded with ‘No.’

She added,

“That’s who I was then, and that’s who I am now. I am not much different from then and now.

As you work, there will be some constraints. I have just tried to meet the constraints and that’s how I’ve turned to the present me.

Those photos were taken around 4 to 5 years ago. I think I had gotten a lot of female fans, I am always grateful.”

Fans are happy to see that she didn’t apologize or try to downplay it or ignore it.

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What did you think of Han So Hee’s answer?

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