Han So Hee recently sat down for an interview with a news outlet and had a lot to say about her character, her co-stars in “The World Of The Married” and more.

During the interview, she spoke highly of veteran actress Kim Hee Ae, she says,

“She’s so perfect. On set, I said I felt so exhausted because of my lacking ability, but while looking at her, I thought about what I would have to do just to reach her level. Her voice is so nice. It’s so graceful and lavish. She’s just really Ji Sun Woo.”

She also talked about the heat she got for her past controversial photos, she had tattoos and smoked, she said,

“That’s who I was then, and that’s who I am now. I am not much different from then and now.

As you work, there will be some constraints. I have just tried to meet the constraints and that’s how I’ve turned to the present me.

Those photos were taken around 4 to 5 years ago. I think I had gotten a lot of female fans, I am always grateful.”

She also talked about her bed scene with Park Hae Joon and shared how nervous she was since it was her first bed scene, she says Park Hae Joon paid a lot of attention to the scene,

“As I thought I couldn’t lose, we filmed busily. In passing, he mentioned that it felt like filming an action scene. It was a big challenge for me as well.

Although it was an emotional scene, our positions are fixed and there are things we definitely needed to show.”

Han So Hee also commented on what her next step is, she says that she doesn’t know what type of roles she’ll play in the future but wants to do better and will not rush it.

What did you think of Han So Hee’s character in “The World Of The Married”?


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