Former AOA Member Mina Extremely Alarming Social Media Posts Worries Fans Deeply, Is She Okay?

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Former AOA Member Mina recent instagram activities are worrying her fans.

On May 8, Mina posted a couple of times to her instagram and her posts began to worry fans. She first posted a picture with her father with the caption,

“I love you, mom and dad.”

Parents’ Day is observed in South Korea on May 8, so fans didn’t read too much into it. However, she soon followed that with an alarming post, she posted a photo with a grey background and overly text ‘news,’ and captioned in English,

“It’s so hard, please don’t kill me.”

Fans were deeply worried after reading that post, they began leaving encouraging messages asking her to take care of herself, she deleted the post shortly after but fans of AOA have been urging everyone to leave positive messages in Korean and English on her Instagram posts.

Mina had lost her father on November 29, 2014, he passed away from cancer and at the time, Mina took a hiatus from her group activities and put everything on hold. It seems that on parent’s day, Mina terribly misses her father; fans hope she’s okay and are alerting people close to her about her recent social media posts as well.

You can show Mina some love on her instagram from here.

Please take care Mina!

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