Chungha Resembles Park Bom In Recent Video? Fans Ask Her To Stop Getting Fillers

A recent video of Chungha has sparked debate into whether she’s getting fillers or not!

On May 21, Chungha dropped a video from the filming of her newest single “Stay Tonight.” During the video, she puts on lip piercing, this particular bold look was covered on various Korean news outlets and reactions to her face are mixed.

Fans agree that Chungha is beautiful just the way she is, however, many pointed out that her face looks a lot bigger and some suspect she got fillers in her face. There are certain clips in that video where fans believe she resembles Park Bom.

Here are some netizens comments about her looks,

She looks like Park Bom after weight loss… what a surprise

The fillers are too much… she used to look so pretty.. I really liked it, this so upsetting

Stop with the plastic surgery, you’ll end up like Park Bom

When you came out as a trainee you were the prettiest

ahh.. I hate it

Why are you doing this? You look a lot better with a light touch

Like Park Bom… creepy

What do you think of Chungha’s look? do you think she got fillers?

You can check out her recent video below:

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