Fans are so ready for BLACKPINK comeback after hearing this!

On May 9, BLACKPINK members held a live session to chat with fans, they spilled many details about their highly anticipated June comeback.

Jennie adjusted the camera a couple of times and asked Jisoo to join her, she showed her legs to her fans and began explaining how she hurt her ankle, she spoke in both Korean and English, she said,

“At night, after I finished Pilates, it was still feeling a bit lacking, so I wanted to sweat more so…. a while back I had bought a running machine and started to run.. (laugh) this is so stupid.. I don’t even know how to explain. Basically I was running and I tripped myself on my own ankle and now my ligament is a bit hurt.”

Jennie assured fans that she’s doing a lot better since it happened a couple of weeks ago; she said it will not interfere with the comeback schedule for her group. Towards the end of the live session, she showed fans her crutches. She also said she is attending physical therapy every day.

Rose was more shy so she didn’t appear on camera she was behind it, she and Jennie said they had been in the studio discussing the MV filming in a meeting and that they have been coming to the studio almost daily, Lisa wasn’t present, Jennie explained that she’s away filming something else.

Jisoo also stood up and started dancing dropping hints about their comeback choreography, it looked intense and fans were super excited to see this.

Jennie also excited fans even more saying they have so many things coming up for the comeback.

You can check out the live instagram session below:

How excited are you for BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback?


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