Big Hit Shares A Mysterious Teaser D-7, Are They Hinting At A BTS Member Solo Release?


Big Hit Entertainment has fans guessing with their recent teaser!

On May 17 at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment official Twitter account shared a black-and-white photo with the words “D-7.” Fans have no idea what this means but BTS’s official twitter account retweeted it.

Fans are trying to guess what the teaser means, TXT has a comeback on May 18 so fans highly doubt it’s about them, while BTS have already announced their comeback plans, they’re sharing their process of making the album through live and recorded broadcasts.

BTS members have shared with fans that they have been working on solo songs and mixtapes as well in the past couple of months; some fans think it might have something to do with this, others think it might be an event and not a song or album release.

What do you think the D-7 stands for?  


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