Actress Lee Yeon Hee Surprises Fans With Sudden Marriage Announcement

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Actress Lee Yeon Hee is getting married.

The 32-year-old actress personally revealed the happy news on her fan café on May 15 through a handwritten letter.

Through the letter, Lee Yeon Hee revealed that she has met a special someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She thanked fans for their support and promised to repay them with good and hard work.

In her post, she felt cautious opening up especially during such difficult times with the pandemic situation but has decided to share the news with her fans. She explained that since it’s a time to be cautious, the ceremony held will be a small one attended by their parents and relatives,

“Although I haven’t always expressed much in my daily life, I’m always grateful to all of you who have been supporting me since my debut. I will repay you by living as a good actor and a happy person.

I will greet you with even better work after marriage.

Please always be healthy and always happy. Thank you.”

Lee Yeon Hee will be getting married on June 2nd in a private ceremony that will be attended her closest family and friends.

Lee Yeon Hee recently wrapped up “The Game Towards Zero.”

Lee Yeon Hee never opened up much about her private life, so fans weren’t aware that she has been dating. SM Entertainment has confirmed the news after her personal letter, not much details are known about the actress husband-to-be. Her fiancé is a non-celebrity and to respect the actress and her fiancé’s privacy, SM declined to reveal more details about the wedding ceremony.

Congratulations to Lee Yeon Hee!

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