Wonho Innocent Mistake Of Referring To His Fans As ‘Monbebe’ Catches Attention, Was It Intentional?


Former MONSTA X Member Wonho is making headlines again for his sweet mistake.

Wonho recently signed an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment to carry out his activities as a solo artist and producer. While the decision saddened fans because he’s signed as a soloist, fans still promised to always be there for him and support him.

On April 12, screenshots of Wonho’s post on his fancafe was posted to the internet. Wonho wrote first,

“Monbebe, did you have dinner?”

He later corrected it and replaced the fandom name with ‘everyone,’ while some thought this was intentional, the majority agreed that it was a simple mistake and he’s most probably used to referring to his fans as monbebes since he was a part of MONSTA X.

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Do you think it was intentional or a simple mistake?



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