Former “Superman Is Back” member Lee Dong Guk and his wife are under fire for a terrible video they posted of their twin daughters on their YouTube channels.

The twins, born in 2013, appeared in a recent video on their channel putting makeup on saying they want to be prettier. The content of the video garnered so much negative feedback that it’s been deleted from their channel.

One of the twins is slightly chubbier than the other, Sua says to the camera while putting on makeup,

“I am concerned because I gained too much weight. But why are there so many delicious things in the world?

I was so pretty back then. Now I’m ugly. That’s why I think I should put on makeup. My mom says it will go to my height later. So it’s ok if I eat a lot.”

And later in the video added,

“If I do this, I will become pretty too [referring to putting makeup on].”

“How can I lose weight?”

“I can’t live without eating.”


“Seola and Sian tell me to go on a diet.”

Seola also stated in the video a worrisome thing,

“I didn’t know I would be this pretty. There are things I must be patient with if I went to be pretty, including pain.”

Netizens are furious with the parents for the way their kids speak and for encouraging such mentality at such a young age; they can’t believe such young kids speak like that.

What do you think of this?


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