Fans have been paying attention to the line distribution in (G)I-DLE’s tracks for their most recent comeback and they noticed something that’s stirring a lot of backlash.

It all started with fans noticing that the line distribution for their latest title “Oh My God” was imbalanced, to say the least, with Soyeon and Minnie taking control of most of the song.

Soyeon and Minnie had 3 times as much time on the song compared to Shuhua, Yuqi, and Miyeon who had only 15 seconds each, this counts to about 9% each.

Other tracks on the album also have a similar line distribution. On the track “Maybe,” Shuhua and Yuqi received only 5 to 6 seconds of the song. On the track “Luv U,” Shuhua received only 4.5 seconds.

Fans had previously pointed out that Shuhua gets the least lines in all (G)I-DLE songs and after “Lion” many had thought that this fact would change. Fans are upset that Shuhua, Yuqi, and Miyeon are still not getting as half as many lines as the rest of the members.

Many also pointed out how Miyeon is the main vocalist of the group but barely gets any lines. Netizens also feel sorry for Shuhua and her fans.

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What are your thoughts on this?


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