This Sweet Interaction Between Suho And Lay Is Giving OT9 EXO Stans All The Feels


EXO Suho recently held a live broadcast on Instagram and his message to Lay is giving fans all the feels!

The recent live broadcast was watched by over 90 thousand fans and Lay entered the live broadcast joining fans as well. Suho noticed that Lay was in the live chat sending him messages, he said,

“Our Yixing, are you doing well? I miss you,”

To which Lay replied, “Me too.” Suho talked about how hard working Lay is while he promotes, he says he worries about him during the broadcast and wonder if he’s doing well. Fans couldn’t stop fangirling over the sweet interaction.

The sweet interaction was a blessing to OT9 stans who have been missing EXO interactions with Lay who’s been working hard promoting in China. We hope to see them together again soon!

Check out the video of the interaction below:

The sweet moment was the talk of town so much so that Yixing’s name topped worldwide trends peaking at number 4.

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Do you miss Lay with EXO?



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