“The World Of The Married” On The Brink Of Overtaking “SKY Castle” To Become The Highest Rated Cable TV Drama EVER


“The World Of The Married” has hit a new record!

The immensely popular JTBC drama has been enjoyed great ratings with each episode; every episode has successfully surpassed its precedent scoring higher ratings. Last week, “The World Of The Married” reached the 20% in ratings becoming the second cable drama in history to ever do this joining “SKY Castle.”

“The World Of The Married” will probably surpass it soon considering its growth pace.

April 25 episode was a new high for “The World Of The Married,” according to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode scored an average of 22.9% nationwide and 25.9% in Seoul making it the series best thus far. It’s less than 1% away from dethroning “SKY Castle” to become the biggest cable TV drama ever.

“SKY Castle” has reigned as the most-watched cable drama in Korean TV history with an average of 23.77% (nationwide) that it reached with its final episode (episode 20). However, “The World Of The Married” did surpass “SKY Castle” ratings in Seoul area, “SKY Castle” scored an average of 24.357% for its final episode in Seoul area while “The World Of The Married” scored 25.9% in Seoul.


The 10th episode was really tense and featured a murder scene in the last minutes of the episode, it ran for 1 hour and 25 minutes, netizens are impressed with the drama and it continues to be a hot topic on Korean media sites.

Have you seen episode 10 year? What are your thoughts “The World Of The Married”?

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My Personal Thoughts

“The World Of The Married” episode 10 was super tense, there were moments I was freaking out afraid of what’ll happen. It has been a while since I’ve been this invested in a drama. I predicted its success early on and when I saw how fast it was growing it became clear to me that this was going to be probably the biggest kdrama of 2020. We’re only done with four months of 2020 but I don’t think this will be an easy feat to top.

I’ve seen “SKY Castle” and its one of my favorite dramas (aside from its ending), “The World Of The Married” is an amazing drama and dare I say even more shocking than “SKY Castle,” the level of crazy for the character is through the roof with this one.

I am happy it’s a massive success and I hope this signals even more change in the way kdramas are written, not every script has to be this intense but its nice to be shocking, watching kdramas for the past 8 years, I became used to a formula and JTBC is really shaking things up in recent years.


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