Famous Supporting Actor Lee Kyung Young Criminal Past Of Prostitution Of Minor Comes To Light

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Actor Lee Kyung Young criminal past has been brought up once again and viewers are shocked to learn the details.

Actor Lee Kyung Young is a known face for international fans; he’s been in many hit dramas across the years and recently appeared in “Vagabond” and “Hyena” which were both hit dramas.

Since “The World Of The Married” is getting a lot of attention, the actors are also under the spotlight and this led to discussions about Lee Kyung Young’s criminal past.

Back in 2002, Lee Kyung Young was arrested and tried in court for prostitution of a minor. The trial public records revealed that he “manipulated and exploited” an underage aspiring actress “L” into having sex with him in exchange for securing a role in one of his future movies.

At first, reports suggested that Lee Kyung Young had no idea about the actress being underage, however, later, other reports stated otherwise. The court ruled Lee Kyung Young innocent for the first of three occasions but guilty of prostitution for the two of the three occasions.

As a result, he was given a suspended sentence to 10 months of prison with 2 years of probation, in addition to 160 hours of community service.

Due to the scale of his crime, he was blacklisted by MBC and other major broadcasting channels; he couldn’t appear in any of their dramas until very recently.

For nearly 10 years, Lee Kyung Young disappeared from the public eyes due to the severe backlash; he only returned in 2011, as he began slowly returning to filming movies and dramas.

Netizens have expressed their displeasure with seeing Lee Kyung Young on TV and are wondering why production companies keeps picking him for drama projects. Comments on various YouTube videos that feature his face often have a lot of negative comments about the actor’s past.

What do you think of this?

By Hilda Moore

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  1. Pardon me but this is all in the past, I’m not trying to support him but he has paid for his wrong n also it is a stain that might be attached to his name for a long time. Is it not enough punishment . People like to point out other peoples wrongs.

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