The Rumors Were True, EVERGLOW Staff Member Tests Positive For COVID-19, All Members Test Negative


After rumors began circulating online about a staff member contracting the virus, its been confirmed by EVERGLOW that the staff member is a part of their agency.

Previously, a staff member with a similar schedule to EVERGLOW was revealed to have tested positive for the virus, fans worried that it could be EVERGLOW staff member and it turned out to be true.

In an official statement to the press, EVERGLOW’s agency Yuehua Entertainment confirmed that one of their staff members was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 2. EVERGLOW members also tested but the results came out negative today (April 3).

Other staff members are also currently being tested, some of the results came out and they’re negative, they’re still waiting for the rest of the results. The agency promised that detailed information will be announced once confirmed.

Despite testing negative, EVERGLOW members will self-quarantine for two weeks following government guidelines. Yuehua Entertainment assured the public that they recognize the severity of the situation and will cooperate and take all possible measures, they ended their statement with an apology for causing concern.

EVERGLOW recently returned from the U.S after performing for their concerts in March for their “Everlasting Tour.” The U.S has become the country reporting the most cases in the entire world for a couple of days now.

As a result, SBS “The Show” announced in an official statement that April 7 episode has been canceled for safety precautions following Yuehua Entertainment’s statement. The show will be replaced by other programs and the staff have all tested for the virus and the results came out negative but will be taking self-isolation measures to prevent any issues.

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