Rising Actress Han So Hee Receives Backlash After Past Photos of Her Tattoos And Smoking Gain Attention, Netizens Clap Back At Double Society Standards

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Rising Actress Han So Hee has been receiving negative attention for her past photos.

Han So Hee has become the center of attention after JTBC hit drama “The World of the Married” aired two weeks ago. The drama is already a massive hit and has recently surpassed the 14% in ratings. Han So Hee plays a critical role in the drama and has been praised for her acting, her beautiful features also attracted attention and she’s been dubbed the older ITZY Ryujin because of her resemblance to the idol.

Old photos of Han So Hee began to surface online. At first, she gained attention for being pretty in those photos but soon many began criticizing her. The photos are of the actress smoking, apparently, she also had tattoos in her arms.

Some netizens criticized Han So Hee’s actions and shamed her for smoking and for getting tattoos; they called the photos ‘shocking’ and called her ‘a tryhard.’

Soon, other netizens jumped to her defense calling out those negative commenters for being sexist and highlighting how the Korean society has double standards, while male actors are called cool if they have tattoos or smoke, female actors are often shamed.

Han So Hee has reportedly removed those tattoos after she began dreaming of becoming an actress.

Meanwhile, supporting the rising talent and check out one of her most recent Instagram updates:


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