Nam Tae Hyun Claims He Didn’t Cheat On Jang Jae In, Jang Jae In Sends Warning And Asks Him To Stop

Nam Tae Hyun is suddenly denying he ever cheated on Jang Jae In and it’s causing a lot of confusion.

Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun went public with their relationship in April 2019, in June of that same year; Jang Jae In exposed him of cheating on her. He later shared a handwritten apology letter and the two ended their relationship on what many believed to be peaceful terms.

Nam Tae Hyun has since changed his tone and suddenly surprised everyone by claiming he didn’t cheat on Jang Jae In, on April 1st, he was a guest on a YouTube channel where he was asked about his cheating scandal, he said,

“I didn’t cheat. It’s true I was the cause of the breakup, but I met the other person when we had already broken up.”

He also said he feels sorry that the two women were hurt by him and swears he’s been living ‘almost like a monk’ at home these days. His statement basically implies that Jang Jae In had lied to the public about his cheating scandal.

Jang Jae In apparently saw that broadcast and she had a lot to say. She seemingly addressed him in a couple of instagram posts. To her stories, she wrote,

“Let’s live honestly. Don’t miss the future getting tied up in the past.”

“Everyone says I should endure it, and not get involved, but why do I have to endure such mean lies?”

She followed that with a video to her Instagram, thanking fans for their support, she revealed she’s been working on a new album and warns,

“If you say something unbelievable one more time or involve me in any way, I will issue a strong response on my agency level.”

She later edited that caption, the part about working on an album and her legal response remains the same but she added,


How can someone be okay with this…

I thought I was doing well but I feel like I’m in hell again, going through difficult days fighting for myself looking for a good way to survive.

This is how I live. Please stop this…”

She also posted on her instagram stories again, saying,

“Please stop…. I’ve reached my limit too. I am so tired.”

Fans are worried about Jang Jae In’s well-being and are asking Nam Tae Hyun to stop discussing their past relationship on broadcasts.

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