MAMAMOO Solar Disappointed With Fans After Finding Out They Sold Her Custom Made Bags At A Higher Price

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MAMAMOO Solar recently expressed her disappointment with a fan after finding out about something they’ve done.

On April 7, MAMAMOO Solar posted a screenshot to her YouTube channel community tab. The screenshot shows her personalized bag being resold at a higher price online (for 60,000 won (approx. 49$), she captioned the photo with,

“You bought it so you could do this?”

The personalized bag is something very special; Solar had worked hard on this bag as a part of her special birthday event. She sold it for fans at 20,500 won (16$) and they were meant to be gifts for fans to keep, they’re also limited edition, only a handful were made.

Solar had previously uploaded a video to her channel detailing the process she went through to personalize the bags. Solar appears to be upset that the fan is taking something she worked hard on to resell it at a higher price on a used-goods trading site.

Netizens came to Solar’s defense and lashed out on the netizen who did this. Check out the video of the bag-making below:

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