JYJ Jaejoong Japanese Promotions Cancelled Following COVID-19 April Fool’s Joke, Korean TV Broadcast Could Also Be Cancelled


JYJ Jaejoong has begun to see what the backlash does for his April Fool’s prank, he claimed that he was positively diagnosed with the coronavirus before saying he wasn’t and it was an April Fool’s prank.

His apology and explanation wasn’t well received neither by Korean or Japanese fans who expressed their disappointment with his actions during such times.

Today, various news outlets began reporting on more cancellations of Jaejoong’s Japanese schedules. He decided to cancel all his schedules following the severe backlash he’s received. His scheduled radio appearance on Furuya Masayuki no Pop☆A for April 1 was cancelled last night and his appearance on Japanese music show, Music Station, tomorrow was cancelled the last minute.

His appearance on NHK’s The Covers on the 5th was also cancelled. As for his Korean schedules, his travel show “Travel Bodies” which was scheduled to air a special cut on LIFETIME TV channel is in discussions and could possibly get cancelled as well.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

While I don’t think the world should end for Jaejoong, I don’t think he should be shielded from criticism for such a stupid ‘joke’ especially in such challenging times. He will also suffer backlash because of this and an apology will not erase what he’s done.

I don’t understand hardcore fangirls who have no backbone and continue to try and explain what he meant by it, the guy literally thought he was starting a movement by falsely claiming he was diagnosed with the virus, like how self-absorbed must you be to think that?

As far as I’ve seen, some Japanese fans are also pretty upset and this ties to a very respected Japanese celebrity passing away from the virus two days ago, it was so inappropriate to make such a joke in a country you depend highly on for a steady income, I highly doubt he thought this for more than 3 minutes because if he did, he would’ve realized how inappropriate that was.

This is not mentioning all the people who panicked after his post, everyone who was in contact with him for the past week must’ve shit their pants after his post, and we’re not going through the financial damage he caused the agency with his cancelled appearances the very last minute.

I didn’t expect him to be this gullible or this disconnected from reality that he legitimately believes if he falsely claimed he had the virus, people who never took it seriously would start doing that.


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