JTBC’s Hit Drama “The World Of The Married” Decides To Rate Its Remaining Episodes 19+, Here Is Why

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JTBC’s Hit Drama “The World Of The Married” production crew has released an official statement announcing the remaining 8 episodes will also be rated 19+.

The drama which tells the story of a married couple that falls apart due to betrayal has been in the spotlight for announcing early on that the drama was rated 19+. Some of its scenes were deemed too violent or too explicit by netizens but to portray the atmosphere as realistically as possible, the production crew revealed the 19+ is not going away.

They explained their decision in an official statement, explaining that the battle between Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) has just begun and the conflict will unfold in the upcoming episodes as more different situations are encountered, they added,

“It order to portray the conflict more realistically, we decided to rate the rest of the episodes 19+”

“The World Of The Married” cast will attend another press conference, this time online, and it can be viewed through JTBC’s official YouTube channel.

In related news, “The World Of The Married” recently surpassed the 20% in ratings becoming the second-highest-rated cable drama of all time only second to “SKY Castle,” with 8 more episodes until it’s over, it’s expected that it will soon surpass “SKY Castle” record.

Do you think the rating is justified?

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