Jaejoong’s Appearance On Radio Show Cancelled Shortly After His April Fool’s COVID-19 Prank

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Jaejoong is feeling the pressure from his April Fool’s joke already!

On April 1, JYJ Jaejoong shocked fans when he initially announced that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 only to later state it was an April fool’s joke. He received massive backlash over his insensitive post.

He has since posted a second apology to clarify why he had done it and apologize to everyone. He says he hoped to bring awareness to the issue.

Shortly after the initial blunder, a Japanese radio show appearance scheduled for Jaejoong was cancelled. Jaejoong was in Japan when posting his controversial ‘joke,’ he has been working on promoting his new song release in Japan and was scheduled to appear on NHK Radio’s “Furuya Masayuki’s PopA” radio show on April 1.

However, the show updated their social media accounts and official website to state that he will not appear due to ‘personal circumstances.’

Jaejoong is scheduled for more appearances on other Japanese TV shows, it is unknown if the rest will be cancelled or not.

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