IU “Palette” MV Director knows of the recent issue surrounding Taiwanese artist Elaine Ho’s music video “To love or not” similarities to his work.

The MV director, Lee Rae Kyung, posted a series of instagram stories to his account addressing the issue letting fans know that he’s aware of it; he attached laughing emojis over screenshots that compare the two MVs together.

He also uploaded another post to his instagram story that basically explains how fans usually let him know when they find any of his music videos was plagiarized, he added,

“Since it happens so often since a while ago, I learned to accept it the way it is. I am satisfied when people know the truth. Thank you for letting me know and worrying about me.”

The behind-the-scene shooting of Elaine Ho’s music video even shows the director and staff watching IU “Palette” on set.


Taiwanese artist Elaine Ho’s music video has since been deleted but copies of it still circulates the web. Here are the screenshots that compares both MVs plus a video of the comparisons between the MVs:


Fans of IU and the Lee Rae Kyung didn’t mince words and let the director and artist know about how they felt about this entire issue. The like to dislike ratio on the MV was apparent, thousands of IU fans lashed out at the director.

Since the issue became so big, the director who was accused of the plagiarism issued an apology,

“I am sorry for causing trouble about this. During the shooting for the MV, we referred to many image and among them was IU’s “Palette” music video made by Director Lee Rae Kyung.

But we didn’t mean to plagiarize. There are many similarities between music video elements and styles. I apologize. I seek your forgiveness. Your work is really cool. I hope you understand.”


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