Informant Of Alleged Victim Of NCT Taeyong Bullying Attempts Suicide Due To Constant Harassment From Fans, Fans Trend Hashtags Demanding SM Stand Up And Protect Taeyong

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If you remember, in September of 2019, NCT Taeyong was under heavy fire after stories about his bullying resurfaced and were covered by various news outlets, the allegations led to SM Entertainment making a statement that they were heavily criticized for, stating Taeyong never officially had a record for bullying his classmates, however, in the same statement they acknowledge that he had many wrongdoings.

A month later, Korean news outlets reported about Taeyong meeting up with the victim and apologizing face to face. SM even stated,

“Taeyong expressed his regret to his friend who was unable to get in contact with him. Taeyong will not forget about his past, and use it as a way to help show him how to grow up and become a better person, and act properly with a humble mindset. Thank you.”

Fans ended it at that and everything seemed to be ok.

A recent post on Pann from the victim and the informant A alleges that A attempted suicide and the reason is constant harassment from Taeyong fans.

According to a recent post that went viral, Taeyong fans found the informant ‘A’ who helped the victim spread the news home address, work address and personal information and constantly harassed him and wait it gets worse, the fans used the fact that A was victim of sexual assault to make their life a living hell and even robbed them.

A attached a report of the hospital record for a suicide attempt, the reason is ‘toxic use of metal,’ The details are:

“Toxic use of metal

Individual suicide attempt

Date of hospitalization: February 12th 2020″

The post also goes into alleged details about what led to reports of Taeyong apologizing to the victim, the victim had gone in there for their meeting thinking that it was a private meeting only to find out the meeting was set up by a reporter, SM lawyers were also present. Also, the post alleges that five lawyers came from SM to find the victim which left them in a position in which they couldn’t defend themselves publicly anymore.

The victim and A expressed how fed up they were with the way fans of Taeyong have treated them and harassed them despite SM’s statements on the subject.

The people in the spotlight this time are the fans who trended a hashtag #SM_이태용_지켜 (SM_Protect_Taeyong) on twitter, demanding that SM stops any media outlets reports on the viral post, claiming that Taeyong didn’t bully those people and that the allegations are fake.

Fans want SM to protect him from malicious and false claims, global fans were mass-reporting and threatening any news outlet that covered the subject which includes a Topstarnews reporter who covered the news. They’ve been mass-reporting and sending emails to the Korean outlet demanding they take down the report, they haven’t taken it down as of this writing.

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