Hong Seok Chun Confesses He Attempted Suicide Due To The Immense Hate He Received After He Came Out

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Celebrity and entertainer Hong Seok Chun has made a shocking admission that’s been trending in South Korea.

On April 5 episode of MBN “Dongchimi,” Hong Seok Chun confessed that he once tried to end his life after receiving immense backlash for coming out as homosexual.

Hong Seok Chun is known for being one of the very few South Korean celebrities who came out and he’s one of the first to ever publicly come out. South Korea is known for being conservative, at the time he came out, he received massive hate.

He confessed that he lost everything after coming out and how he wanted to end his life,

“I lost everything after I came out. Even my own family couldn’t understand me. At the time, I didn’t even want to hear people console me saying ‘its hard, isn’t it.’

I’m known for being positive, I seriously thought I could fight this on my own, but I seriously couldn’t take it anymore and went to the Han River late at night.”

The Han river is a place where many people go to commit suicide in Seoul, Hong Seok Chun said he was going to jump but before that he wanted to talk to someone one last time,

“Before I leave this world, I wanted to talk to someone. I couldn’t call my family in such a situation, so I called my ex-boyfriend, he knew a lot about me.”

He said he’d try to ring 10 times, if he didn’t answer, he was going to jump, but he answered after the third ring and his ex-boyfriend convinced him that it was the wrong choice, he had a hunch that Hong Seok Chun was thinking of doing that and even asked if he was at the Han River,

“He started to curse at me, I was baffled and startled that he knew what I was going to do.

I came to my sense thanks to him and told him I’d go home.”

Hong Seok Chun says he’s learned from that and how tries to help out his fellow friends and celebrities who find themselves in difficult situations.

Check out the clip where he talks about his experience below:

We’re glad this story has a happy ending.

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