Han So Hee Struggles To Follow Her Dreams Gains Attention, She Moved To Seoul With Less Than $300

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Rising Actress Han So Hee has been the center of attention after JTBC’s aired “World Of The Married.” The hit drama has made her into a star and she’s been the center of attention which brought in some unexpected criticism such as when photos of her younger self with tattoos and smoking gained her criticism.

Unknown to many people, Han So Hee has been around for a while now. She appeared in SHINee’s music video for “Tell Me What To Do,” since then she also appeared in dramas such as ‘Reunited Worlds’, ‘Money Flower’ and ‘100 Days My Prince.”

A particular post from her 2018 blog gained attention and has been trending news in South Korea. She revealed that she struggled a lot before making it big. She abruptly transitioned from majoring art into acting and moved all the way alone from Ulsan to Seoul to pursue her dream.

She worked as a model for many brands such as contact lens, makeup, and mobile company. She revealed that she came to Seoul with 300 won in her pocket (~$243) when she was 20 years old, she revealed,

“Every morning when I opened my eyes, I went to work at a beer hall in Gangnam until the sun rose the next day.

If I hadn’t endured those years, I wouldn’t have become who I am today.”

Han So Hee has played either chaebol or mean characters for the most of her acting career so far, many are curious about what kind of image she’ll show with her next work.

Are you surprised to learn that about her? Are you a fan of the actress?

By Hilda Moore

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