GOT7 BamBam Mother Under Fire For Filing Lèse-Majesté Against An Individual Who Impersonated Her On April’s Fool

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GOT7 BamBam Mother has angered Thai netizens with her actions!

The entire thing went down because of an Individual who decided to impersonate BamBam’s Mother account for April’s Fool. Apparently, it’s a trend among the Thai twitter community to impersonate celebrities on that day.

BamBam’s Mother was apparently not happy with that, the person had also harassed her and her son online before, so she went through their twitter account and found content that could be used to punish him/her for Lèse-Majesté.

Lèse-Majesté is defined as a crime, especially high treason, committed against the sovereign power. The law is used in Thailand to punish citizens who criticize the royal family, the law is extremely harsh and the individual charged could face serious consequences such as a long jail term. Thai netizens consider this law to be dehumanizing and too harsh.

The mother filed those charges instead of the regular harassment or defamation charges against the individual. Netizens criticized her for her actions and for potentially ruining the person’s life for good, many think she should’ve only filed charges for the harassment case and not use section 112 to punish him/her.

The Thai community on twitter is defending BamBam against his mother’s actions, many believe the idol shouldn’t face backlash for what his mother did, others fear for his reputation after the news went out. Thai fans are asking other international fans not to take this lightly since it’s a serious and sensitive topic for their country.

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Here are some of their thoughts on twitter plus threads by Thai fans who explain the situation well:

What do you think of this situation?

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