Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Is Receiving Criticism For Putting Her Penthouse Up For Sale And The Reason Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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Another day, another idol getting backlash for the stupidest reasons and today we have Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon who’s receiving backlash for putting her penthouse up for sale.

According to a real-estate company, Hyoyeon listed her penthouse for sale for 3.7 billion won (around $3 million) at the end of last month. The idol first bought the apartment in Songdo back in 2012 for a little over $1 million and recently showed off the beautiful apartment on a variety show called “Yurang Market.”

Clips of the modern penthouse caught the attention of netizens at the time of the episode (Aired on March 1st), it overlooks the oceans and has a beautiful design, check out the video of it below:

However, netizens aren’t impressed with the news and are criticizing Hyoyeon for appearing on the show to merely promote the property before listing it for future sale. Comments on articles covering this topic includes, ‘she’s greedy,’ ‘whoever buys this is sick in the head,’ and more. Many comments are laughing at the high price jump and don’t think it deserves to be listed at such a price.

Fans have jumped to the idol’s defense calling out those netizens for leaving unnecessary nasty comments on articles that share such news about Hyoyeon, while others criticized the real-estate company who talked to news outlets about this. Some of their comments include, ‘haters gonna hate,’ ‘are they seriously criticizing her for this?’ ‘you guys are just jealouse’ and more.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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