[BREAKING] First Generation Idol Files For Divorce From His Wife Only One Year Into Their Marriage

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First Generation Idol Click B Kim Sang Hyuk and his wife Song Da Ye are filing for a divorce one year after their marriage.

The couple tied the knot in 2019 and has decided to go their separate ways one year after their marriage. The first generation idol announced the news today on April 7 via his agency.

They agency released an official statement to the press that reads,

“Hello, this is Kim Sang Hyuk’s agency.

First of all, we’re sorry to greet the many people who love and support Kim Sang Hyuk with bad news.

Kim Sang Hyuk was unable to overcome disagreement with his wife, and after careful consideration, they went through the mediation process to file for divorce. They have agreed to go back to supporting each other from afar.

As both of them want the divorce to proceed smoothly and without any issues, please understand that it is difficult to disclose information about their private life to the media. We ask you to refrain from speculative rumors and false reports.”

The first generation idol and the ulzzang star and shopping mall CEO Song Da Ye in February of 2019.

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