Fans Vent Their Frustration Over YG’s Management Of BLACKPINK 1 Year Into Their Hiatus

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BLINKs have assembled again on twitter in hopes of bringing their demands to YG, again!

Fans of BLACKPINK have been very critical of the agency’s management of the group. They will soon celebrate their fourth year since debut without a full album yet. The girls made a comeback on April 4, 2019 and since haven’t release any music as a group, fans have been patiently waiting for any confirmation about their comeback plans but they’re always getting delayed.

In late 2019, YG Entertainment told fans that BLACKPINK comeback which was scheduled for the end of 2019 would be postponed to early 2020. Every once and awhile, an article would come out about BLACKPINK’s comeback getting delayed over and over again.

Not too long ago, YG Entertainment confirmed that their plans to debut a new girl group in 2020 but stated they would be focusing on BLACKPINK’s comeback as their first priority; still nothing has been heard from the agency.

Fans even protested by sending an LED truck to broadcast their demands to YG right in front of their main building, it resulted in a vague statement from the agency that didn’t help at all.

Fast forward to April, 2020, BLINKs are still waiting for comeback news from BLACKPINK. They’ve trended a couple of hashtags to express their frustration with the situation, #BLACKPINK1YearOfHiatus peaked at number two on twitter worldwide trends surpassing 300K mentions.

Here are some of fans tweets:

What do you think of this situation?

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