Fans Upset That BLACKPINK Lisa Isn’t Even Allowed To Show Her Face In Her BFF’s Vlog’s-Lisa-friends.jpg

CLC member Sorn recently uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel and fans went crazy.

The Thai idol posted a vlog with her friends Elkie , BLACKPINK’s Lisa, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie. While Elkie is from Hong Kong, she joined her friends to have Thai lunch together.

Fans really enjoyed the video and were happy to see idols from different agencies interact and have fun together but they couldn’t help but feel bad that Lisa was unable to show her face in the Vlog.

Sorn revealed early on in the Vlog that Lisa can’t show her face, but says her voice is okay. This triggered some BLINKs who thought YG was going too far preventing Lisa from showing her face in other people’s channels even when they’re her friends. Here are some of their comments,’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg’s-Lisa-friends.jpg

Other fans think its not a big deal and its used to protect the BLACKPINK members from unauthorized use of their faces. But that also doesn’t mean that fans aren’t happy for Lisa, its quite the opposite, they’re happy to see her interact with other idols and have fun. Many fans also praised her for filming her friends during the Vlog.

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In related news, it was recently revealed that YG Ent. had filed to trademark Lisa’s real name causing a lot of confusion and anger within the fandom.

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Check out the Vlog below:

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