Fake EXO Fans Trend Hashtags To Mock Chen After News Of His Daughter’s Birth Goes Viral


Fake fans of EXO are, again, taking it too far!

A couple of hours ago, SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO Chen’s wife gave birth to a baby girl today. Chen officially became a daddy and fans couldn’t have been happier for him. Many hashtags congratulating Chen topped worldwide twitter trends. Fans are already calling Chen’s daughter a princess.

However, as the majority of you already know, there is a certain Korean EXO-L union that continues to demand Chen’s withdrawal from the group due to the news of his marriage and wife’s pregnancy. SM shut them down a while ago asserting Chen will not leave EXO, but there are still some so-called fans who demand his departure from the group.

Sadly, as news about Chen’s daughter took over the internet, so did the hate as well. On Twitter Korea, Chen has been dubbed the ‘gynecological Ambassador/sponsor,’ many took to twitter to make fun of Chen labeling him a sponsor for gynecology due to the birth of his daughter.

The tweets are very mocking in tone, many claim Chen will soon be sponsoring baby diapers, some antis ask if other EXO members will also follow suit. Others brought up the fact that he announced his pre-marital pregnancy ‘as if it was something to be proud of’ and worse.  

But don’t worry too much, real EXO fans have been working hard not to only trend hashtags in English but also in Korean to congratulate Chen, they’ve been also reporting the hashtags hoping twitter would take notice of the harassment and remove it.

Congratulations to Chen!

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What do you think of such behavior?


  1. These anti fans are not Chen fans at all exo been. Around for awhile and these fans better leave hi alone Ori will get them with words like u say they are not exo fans at all just ingnore them they. Are stupid people .

  2. Like seriously they are crossing all the limits i hope higher authority take legal action against them, such a psychopath calling themselves a fan…. Nevermind lets not care about them and celebrate the Happiness that we received, we love you #Chenpapa and #BabyPrincess
    #EXO #ExoL #weareoneEXO #WelcomeEXOPrincess #ot9


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