Apink’s Bomi’s body has the most hilarious but expected reaction when she attempted ITZY Ryujin shoulder dance of their hit track “Wannabe.”

ITZY most recent comeback has been well received in South Korea, Ryujin especially shined in this comeback, her take on the difficult shoulder dance at the beginning of the song has become popular. It appears to be easy, but it isn’t, various people and idols tried to imitate it to varying degrees of success.

One of the most recent idols who attempted to do the dance was Apink Bomi, despite being relatively young; she’s been in the industry for 10 years. Her body had the most hilarious reaction when she attempted it.

Her shoulders made a loud cracking sound the moment she tried to do it, her facial expression was also epic, check out the hilarious video below:

Thank you Bomi for making us laugh while in quarantine.


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