Worldwide Star BTS RM Stuns Fans By Purchasing $4 Million Luxury Apartment In Full CASH, No Loans

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BTS RM is the most recent BTS member to purchase a luxury apartment.

RM bought 4.9 Billion won ($4 million) apartment in the luxurious Hannam the Hill located in Hannam-dong, Seoul. The luxury apartment complex is known for being home to some of the biggest stars in South Korea, it’s also home to many politicians and important figures in the country.

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The apartment has an amazing view and is known for being secure and very hard to get. It boasts many facilities that the owner can enjoy. According to a copy of the Real Estate Register, the size of the apartment is 284.2 square meters (85 pyeong / 3060 square feet).

RM is making headlines for purchasing the apartment without a loan and in full cash. RM isn’t the only BTS member to have purchased an apartment at the luxurious complex. Jin previously purchased two residences in Jin also purchased residences in Hannam the Hill in October 2019 and July 2018.

BTS recently made a comeback with “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” breaking numerous records both nationally and worldwide.

Fans are glad that RM has purchased the apartment since it’s not only safe and away from the prying eye of sasaengs but also a great investment as well.

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