Why Hyun Bin Went Through A Career Slump And How He Overcame It

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Hyun Bin is considered one of the biggest Korean actors of our time. He has been in many productions across the years to varying degrees of success, and just like any other actor, he had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his long career.

Today, we’re taking a look back on actor Hyun Bin’s career and the time when he went through a slump and how he managed to overcome it.

After Hyun Bin found huge success in “Secret Garden” in 2010 he was everywhere, the drama found success in South Korea and overseas as well. It is still labeled one of the best and biggest kdramas of all time.

A couple of months after he wrapped up his successful drama, he had to fulfill his duty and enlist in the military.

After his military discharge in 2013, Hyun Bin spent the majority of it focusing on shooting for multiple CFs and also held fan meetings across Asia.

Hyun Bin was ready to take on his next project, and that was when we can say his career slump began. He chose “The Fatal Encounter,” his first-ever period film as his comeback project. The film was released in 2014, Hyun Bin was criticized for his performance and lack of emotions in the film; the film received mostly negative reviews.

Hyun Bin followed that with his first time attempting to play two characters in “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” a 2015 romantic series in which he plays a man with a split personality disorder.

“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” went up against “Kill Me, Heal Me” and was crushed in the rating battle. The writer of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” also accused “Kill Me, Heal Me” writer of plagiarizing his idea (both dramas had similar ideas) but it backfired badly and the drama went mostly unnoticeable for the majority of its run. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” is considered one of Hyun Bin’s worst-performing dramas ever.

2017 was the beginning of his career resurgence. He returned to the silver screen with the action-thriller film “Confidential Assignment.” It received positive reviews and he followed that with another hit film “The Swindlers,” a box office success; it cemented Hyun Bin as one of the biggest Korean actors who dominate the silver screen.

In 2018, Hyun Bin starred in crime thriller “The Negotiation,” playing a villain role for the first time in his career, alongside Son Ye Jin. The film grossed around $15 million barely surpassing its budget of $9 million. The film wasn’t a success but the media had its attention fixed on the romance rumors between him and Son Ye Jin.

In 2018, fans rejoiced after news confirmed that Hyun Bin would be returning with a fantasy suspense drama called “Memories of the Alhambra” alongside Park Shin Hye.

The drama currently holds the title of the fifteenth highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history; Hyun Bin was praised for his performance in the drama. However, “Memories of the Alhambra” left a bad taste in fans’ memory with its controversial ending that drew criticism towards the writer.

Hyun Bin found success with “Memories of the Alhambra” and the drama did well in ratings but it wouldn’t be the last time he makes history for cable Korean TV. He went on to become the lead of the biggest tvN drama ever and the second-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history- so far.

In 2019, he starred opposite Son Ye Jin, again, in romance drama “Crash Landing on You.”

The drama found massive success in South Korea and overseas, “Crash Landing on You” ended with a bang breaking tvN and cable TV records. Hyun Bin’s popularity rose to new heights as he gained more fans with his recent project while also keeping his existing fans happy.

Despite suffering from a career slump around 2013, Hyun Bin was able to overcome it with hard work and determination.

He recently signed up for a new movie that was set to film in Jordan, however, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the filming plans were put on halt for now. Fans are eager to see his next project.

Are you a fan of Hyun Bin? Did you know that he went through a career slump?

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  1. His a total package & a natural actor, i don’t believe that he has a slump career.. watching back to all his series & movie… he nailed every role in series & movie.. It is luck of promotion from the entertainment company who made the series & d movie in korea.. He is the right actor promoter is not… the reason it did not go international..

  2. he is the best in this lifetime—i cant believe i would fall this hard within 78 hours…i watched fatal encounter and confidential assignment—mi gad! im still picking up the pieces of my brain…

  3. I liked Alahambra and LOVED CLOY, that i watched twice.
    I’m ready to see CLOY for a 3rd time and can’t wait for the 2nd season! Son YeJin and Hyun Bin are fabulous!
    I felt every emotion, good and bad. Cheering for the couple non stop. I’m one of their silly fans looking forward to seeing their TWINS! Also with to watch a sexy villain Bini in Negotiation.

  4. CLOY was the best series I’ve ever watched – ever! Even tho I had to read subtitles, their emotions, love, struggles and joys took me on the most amazing roller coaster ride of my own emotions!! Wow!! Where have these two been all my life?!! The entire cast was fabulous!

  5. Hyun bin is The Best and Versatile actor ever!!! We overseas fan love him like hell!! His every movie n Drama is A masterpiece!! #FanFromIndia

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