VIXX Ravi Act Of Kindness When Someone Dented His Porsche Has Gone Viral, Here Is The Full Story

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VIXX Ravi is making headlines everywhere for his kindness when his expensive car was accidentally hit.

On March 11, an anonymous student (hereafter referred to as “A”) shared a post on an online community. The post went viral and various news outlets began to cover the story.

“A” explained that he and his girlfriend were playing on electric scooters when they accidentally dented a car next to them. A man came out and asked if they were okay, and they later exchanged numbers and parted ways. He says the car was a Porsche, realizing he’s probably going to pay a heavy price for the accident, he became terrified.

“A” says that he was out of it and he didn’t realize it at first, but later he found out that the man who came out was Ravi. Ravi decided to let it go, he didn’t charge the student for his accident. “A” says he felt uneasy about it and complemented Ravi for his generosity and had written this post in hopes of sharing it everywhere.

“A” also revealed content of their messages, he had asked Ravi to give him more time to pay for the repair if it’s too expensive. Ravi responded with,

“I hope you weren’t hurt badly. You must’ve been more shocked because of the dent in the car. It seemed like you are both students, and it was an honest accident that happened while you were having a good time, so don’t worry about the repair cost!

I’ll take care of it. Electric scooters can be dangerous, so please be careful. It would be enough for me if you could show more love toward Ravi and GROOVL1N.”

In a statement to the press, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that the story was true. Ravi explained that the couple reminded him of his younger sister so he didn’t want to charge them for the repairs; he says he didn’t think of it as a big deal but thanked everybody for their interest. Ravi also shared his hopes that people will help each other through the coronavirus outbreak.

Netizens showered Ravi with praise for his kind action; the repair cost could end up in the 1000s of dollars depending on how seriously the dent was, they’re glad he gave the students a pass.

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