Heartwarming Details About How Heechul Took Care Of Sulli’s Cat Revealed By Her Close Friend Who Adopted It

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Sulli’s Friend Actress Kim Sun Ah made headline for a sweet announcement she posted to her Instagram.

Kim Sun Ah (born in 1994) is an actress who worked on many dramas such as “The Producers,” “Rude Miss Young Ae,” and “Reply 1997.” She met Sulli on the set of the film “Real” in 2017 and the two became friends ever since.

On March 13, she posted the happy news to her Instagram account. She shared photos and videos with the cat named Goblin, and in her post thanked Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, who had been taking care of the cat after Sulli’s tragic passing.

Fans had previously noticed Sulli’s cat in the background of his videos and he later confirmed that he was indeed looking after the cat.

In the caption to her post, she explains that she didn’t have the confidence to take care of the cat initially,

“When I saw him [the cat, Blin] my heart felt like it was breaking. I asked Heechul oppa carefully if he could take care of him, and he didn’t hesitate and took him right away and even gave him a medical check-up.

I am so thankful and grateful; I was really moved by that. He’s truly an amazing person. It’s been a while since I brought him home; he’s too loveable and pretty to keep to myself, so I am uploading these photos so other people can see Blin [Goblin] too.

You’re the best Blin, I love you.”

Fans are praising both Heechul and Kim Sun Ah for their kind souls. We’re glad that Blin has found his forever home.

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