Unknown Artist OVAN Surpasses BTS, IU And Zico To The Top Of The Charts, Accused Of Sajaegi + Releases A Response


OVAN is under heavy criticism after what suddenly happened on the charts.

On March 5, OVAN released a new single called “I Need You,” and it suddenly passed BTS’s “ON,” IU’s “I Can Hear Your Heart”, and Zico’s “Anysong,” to hit number one on Genie. Many netizens had no idea who OVAN was and how his song suddenly rose to the top of the charts to beat some of the biggest names in the industry to number 1. Many began accusing him of manipulating charts (sajaegi).

On March 6, OVAN uploaded an instagram story address the issue, he stated that he doesn’t want to be hurt or hate anyone, he promises its ‘not a lie’ and he ‘doesn’t have the place to do this,’ he also apologized to everyone who found his growth suspicious, he ended his statement with,

“I am sorry but it’s not a lie.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time OVAN was embroiled in controversy over the same thing. He was previously accused of chart manipulation in 2018 when he released his track “Twenty” in 2018. He even sued malicious commenters for defamation.

Netizens have been leaving many comments asking who the singer is because no one knows him.

You can check out his song below:

[fusion_youtube id=”rVXeArOQIs4″ alignment=”” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” /]

What do you think of the controversy?


  1. Man people just be mad because their favorite artist are not #1 and it shows especially the BTS Stan’s those are the most toxic people you can meet

  2. Hmm… poor Him… its understable and sad at the same time.. those saejagi artist make it like this…
    Tbh, his song is good…
    Remind me to Shaun case too… ppl He is unknown singer but suddenly his song charting everywhere, but after I listen to His song, He deserve the high chart though…
    Well, If you did not do any saejagi, just be brave and continue to produce good song bro! Fighting!

  3. I think it is quite reasonable to suspect him for faking the charts but I think it’s not fake. I’ve saw someone saying that BTS stans are the most toxic people ever, let me tell you from a perspective of a multifandom, I’ve seen worse. The song was quite good, and do deserve a win. Congrats, Ovan!

  4. Just because someone surpassed BTS everyone will accuse them of manipulation well I don’t know whether it’s true or not but it would not be the same if BTS had not been there on the chart and lastly song is actually good.


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