UFC Fighter Brian Ortega Apologizes For Violently Slapping Jay Park After Initially Saying He Wasn’t Sorry

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UFC Fighter Brian Ortega has finally issued an apology, a real one!

On March 11, Brian Ortega took to his Twitter to say,

“I want to officially apologize to JPark for Saturday night, when Zombie is ready we can fight.”

This comes after Brian Ortega slapped Jay Park in the face at the UFC 248, the reason for the slap remains unknown. But according to Brian Ortega, he didn’t like the way Jay Park translated something Jung Chan Sung (also known as Korean Zombie) said at an interview when Jay Park acted as the translator, so he told Jay Park he would slap him if he ever saw him and he actually followed through.

Various Korean-English translators stood up for Jay Park stating that there wasn’t anything wrong with his translation which adds to the confusion of the entire situation. Many still don’t understand why a UFC fighter slapped a translator.

Brian Ortega previously released a half-assed apology,

“On Saturday night, I slapped three people at the same time. I apologize for slapping the ‘translator,’ and I apologize for slapping the ‘K-pop star,’ but I don’t apologize for slapping the ‘Instigator.’”

Jay Park had previously stated via twitter that he doesn’t plan on suing him, and even stood up to people who claimed he had tried to create drama to hype up the fight,

“I watched the interview again, and what’s interesting is that the zombie (Jung Chan Sung) didn’t say that he (Brian Ortega) ‘ducked out.’ Zombie actually said he ‘ran away,’ and I interpreted it as ‘ducking out.’ It’s basically the same thing, but it would be silly to say I misinterpreted to exaggerate it.”

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What do you think of the apology?

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